Capture customer's preferred language in Shopify Point of Sale


Many store’s are faced with the challenge of catering to speakers of different languages. You might be based in a country where multiple languages are commonly spoken, or you might simply be in a position where many of your customers are tourists visiting from different countries.

Being able to capture that information can be important for a number of reasons. It allows you to better report on where they are from, as well as cater any future marketing or receipts to their language.

But capturing this in the Shopify Point of Sale can be a bit tricky. While you can create new customer’s in the Shopify Point of Sale, and even add an address, there is no space to add in their language of choice.

Using the ShopFields app, you can create a custom field that staff can use to capture the customer’s language on the order.

In the below example, we are using a list of languages to make it easy for staff to select the customer’s preferred language from a list of supported options. capture shopify pos customer's language

When an option is applied to a POS order, it will be applied to the order in Shopify as a custom attribute. We can then use Shopify Flow to add tags or trigger particular messages to the customer based on this custom field.

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