ShopFields: Custom Fields for Shopify Point of Sale

Collect warranty information, membership numbers, customer preferences or any other type of custom information using the POS Custom Fields app.

Add extra information to POS orders

POS Custom fields for Shopify POS lets you capture important information on your in store orders.

Quick & easy set up

Use the embedded admin app to create and customise the fields you need in under 2 minutes.

Enhance products or orders

Capture line item data like warranty numbers, or order level data such as membership numbers.

Minimise in-store errors

Allow staff to capture custom key : value data instead of relying on loose text in order notes.

Fast and scalable

Built on scalable infrastructure to ensure seamless operation in busy retail stores.

Reporting, automation & attribution

Use Shopify Flow to automate store actions when custom fields occur, or give staff an easy way to do instore attribution.

Privacy first

POS Custom Fields runs on your POS device using Shopify API's, and never stores or sends field values.

Unlock your Point of Sale

Start collecting the data you need to grow your store.