Collect event information in Shopify POS


More and more stores are using Shopify POS for running events, or bookings. Events can require an extra level of data that can be complex to capture quickly using the point of sale. The type of data you might need can also differ from event to event, or day to day. Combining all these requirements means either creating a complex system of products and variants in Shopify, collecting data unreliably using order notes, or using the POS Custom Fields app to collect event data in a structured way.

A typical event set up using Shopify POS might have tickets being sold as a “product” in Shopify. We can assign a customer per normal, but what if we want to capture extra information about the customer’s ticket. This might include:

Using the POS Custom Fields app, you can create extra fields for staff to assign to orders. This information can be captured on individual products (great if you’re selling multiple tickets in one order), or on the order itself (perhaps to capture a customer’s membership number).

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