Add engraving messages to products with Shopify POS


Adding an engraving message is a popular way to customise products for customers, but capturing that information in Shopify POS can be tricky. The default way is to add this to the order notes, but this can be mixed up with other notes, makes it difficult to offer engraving on multiple products, and makes it harder to integrate your order customisations in to other systems.

Instead, you can create a custom field using the POS Custom Fields app.

Setting up an engraving custom field is quick and easy. Simply create a new text field with the key “engraving”. You can also give the field a prompt to help staff know how to enter in the engraving message.

Adding an engraving message to any POS order then just takes a couple of clicks. The information can be assigned to the order, or to individual products so that each item in a customer’s cart can have a unique engraving message.

applying custom engraving message to shopify pos orders

shopify pos ship to customer

Custom engraving messages can be applied to each individual product in the cart

When an order is complete, it will come through as structured data applied as a line item property or order attribute. Meaning that you can use Shopify Flow to automatically tag the order, hold it for fulfilment, send an email alert with the engraving message, and much more.

shopify pos ship to customer

Using Shopify Flow, the engraving message can be sent to staff or another system like Slack

If you’re planning to offer engraving or other custom message in your store, using the POS Custom Fields app is the best way to do it.

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