Add gift messages to POS Orders


Similar to engraving messages,adding a custom message is a common requirement for retailers.

In some cases, it makes sense to have this as a seperate product - this allows you to charge extra for the custom message.

But regardless of if you are charging for this service or not, you need to give staff members the ability to capture the message quickly and reliably.

Custom fields allow you to do just that. After you have created a custom field and added it to your POS device(s), staff can quickly type in the message the customer would like.

You can also choose whether you want custom messages assigned to the order - perhaps for birthday or holiday orders where a customer wants to include a card with the order. Or, you can assign the message to individual products within the order. This allows you to have multiple messages within the order.

Once the order is complete, it will show up in Shopify alongside regular orders. It will also include the custom message in a structured format - either an order attribute or line item property.

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