Instore attribution ('How did you hear about us') in Shopify POS


Tracking instore attribution for retail is notoriously difficult. Unlike online where cookies, survey’s and emails are abound, foot traffic is harder to monitor and harder to reach out to for future purchases.

While some technology solutions certainly exist, one of the most effective ways is to understand how your retail customers are finding you, and why they are visiting your store is to simply ask them. This information can help you determine how customers are finding your store, and why they are choosing to visit your bricks and mortar location over shopping online (or are they complimentary?)

But once you have this information, where does it live?

Using the ShopFields app, you can give staff a quick way to attach this information to Shopify point of sale orders.

First we create the field in the Shopify admin, listing out the options we want to include for attribution.

adding our in store attribution optiosn to the pos custom fields app in the shopify admin

Once we have our field created, it takes just a few seconds to select how the customer heard about us.

field list in shopify pos adding instore attribution

field list in shopify pos adding instore attribution

Our in store attribution is applied as an order attribute to the order

As a final piece, we can use this information to generate reports by using Shopify Flow to tag the order, or send the order to a system like Google Sheets.

field list in shopify pos adding instore attribution

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