Security, reliability and how ShopFields is built


Before building ShopFields, I spent 5 years working at Shopify Plus. During that time I bore witness to the biggest and fastest sale events the platform had ever seen - often involving merchants that I was responsible for. I saw how quickly things could escalate and the impact it had on all sides.

But I was also able to experience the work of the amazing people behind the scenes who built up the infrastructure that has made Shopify synonomous with high traffic sale events.

ShopFields is built with all of these experiences in mind. Behind the scenes we use an amazing platform called - built by ex-Shopify and Google infrastructure engineers to handle high-volume traffic and take care of many issues that come up. It lets us build faster and more reliably.

When it comes to how the app works on the point of sale device itself, we use Shopify’s POS UI Extensions. Extensions are deployed to Shopify to run on Shopify’s infrastrucutre. Our app requires a single API call (to load in your fields), everything else is deployed ahead of time. In the very-off chance that something goes wrong with that API request, you will still have a “custom” field available so that you can continue to add custom information to POS orders.

If you still have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out using the support widget on this page and we can provide any extra details.