Adding one-off or bespoke data with a custom field


In most cases it is recommended to create a field for your custom data and assign it a key. Creating a field with a key ensures that the key for your data will remain consistent.

However, if you wanted to add a note to an order but wanted to do so in a more structured way, or add different notes to different products, then you may want to set a custom key.

When creating your field, choose the Custom key option. This will allow you to enter in a custom key and value when entering in your custom data.

custom field setting

custom field empty list

The Custom field allows you to enter both the key and the value for your data

custom field empty list

In this example, the key is "Grind" and the value is "Espresso"

custom field empty list

You can apply Custom fields to line items by selecting a product. If no product is selected, it will be applied to the order as seen here